Meet our road pilots


Construction transport pilot

“I want to show that I can also work in a male-dominated industry”

20-year-old Julia is one of our latest additions to our pilot page. Julia is currently removing the excavated material on the Varberg Tunnel project.

Julia has been driving a truck for about a year. In her spare time she works with her horses and also trains and competes in the sport, but also has a keen interest in helping out at home with farming and other activities. She believes that the best thing about the transport industry is all the challenges and proving to everyone that even a woman can do the “rough stuff”. One of the best parts of the job is working with your body and being in your own world.

“I love everything about being a trucker, all the challenges and difficulties, but also how proud you are of yourself when you’ve achieved what you didn’t think you could,” says Julia with a big smile.

Of course, Julia believes that there are some negative aspects of the profession, especially that truck driving is such a male-dominated profession and that many men do not believe that women can do the same things. But in Julia’s world, this turns out to be one of the most fun things about the job: “It’s great to convince them, I can do it too. There are also a lot of people who think it’s great that young girls are venturing into this industry, and I think so too.”

She doesn’t know exactly why Julia became a truck driver, but she radiates enormous satisfaction and enthusiasm for her choice! She believes that the main reason she chose the transport industry is to prove to people that a little girl can handle big things. She is therefore particularly pleased with her employment at Mantum, where she proves today that she can easily drive a 30.5 ton tipping trailer.


Construction transport pilot

Mission of the day:

Supply macadam for drainage for the municipality’s refurbishment of a bicycle path in local Varberg.

About Stephan:

Stephan is the cheerful, social & talkative highway pilot who has been driving trucks for 40 years, the last 7 of which have been with Mantum. Stephan is approaching the age of 65, but as long as you have the energy and the work is fun, I will continue to drive,” he says.

He was born and raised in Gothenburg, but has lived in Åsa since 1984.

He began his career by attending a 2-year vocational school at Götaverken as a boilermaker and sheet metal worker. But he quickly found his way into the transportation industry after he, on his own, got a truck license and started hauling garbage.

Should he retire next year, Stephan is looking forward to spending more time with his wife and three daughters and grandchildren. But there will also be some free time for cycling and fishing.

Stephan’s strengths are his social skills combined with his solution-oriented nature, which is why he usually works on projects with longer durations, as he solves most transport-related problems directly with quick bids from the customer.

It is good to be independent in this profession, as traffic management can be difficult to get hold of at times. Mantum is in an expansion phase, and I understand that. So I don’t take it too hard. If it’s something bigger or more serious, it’s never a problem to be heard,” he says.

What Stephan likes most about driving for Mantum is the freedom to solve problems himself and the opportunity to take care of himself and his car. But also that we have a fairly open communication and team spirit.

We at Mantum are happy and proud to have Stephan in our team!