Special transportation

Difficult-to-handle transport - our expertise!

At Mantum Special we work with heavy, long, wide, high and other complicated transports. At present, most of our transports consist of prefabricated elements, both in concrete and wood. We serve about 25 factories with a volume of about 1000 transports/week.

We have long had a market-leading role in this area, making us a leader in safety and delivery precision in particular. In addition, we also deliver associated KPIs and environmental reports.

In the construction industry, transportation is a crucial element for the progress and completion of projects on time. As a carrier, you need to be flexible and solution-oriented to meet the customer’s needs.

To carry out special transportation in this way, a flexible fleet of vehicles, competent road pilots and dynamic traffic management are required.

This is something Mantum is proud to deliver.


The purpose of the website betongtransporter.se is to quickly communicate events related to concrete transport safety in a simple and continuous way.

The site is customer and supplier independent and should serve the whole sector/industry. The aim is to use short, easy-to-understand text to change behavior and prevent injuries and incidents from happening in the first place.

The vision is that everyone working in concrete transportation (such as factory staff, warehouse staff, drivers, assembly staff, etc.) should visit the site at least once a day.

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