Quality & Environment

Quality & Environment

For several years we have had a strong focus on environmental issues. We want to take responsibility for future generations. High demands are placed on operators of heavy vehicles.

This is why we have consistently modern vehicles and machines that meet the requirements and a workforce that has a broad knowledge of how we can actively contribute to reducing our environmental impact.

Mantum is committed to improving environmental performance and delivery quality.

To support this work, we have a well-designed management system certified to ISO standards 9001:2000 and 14001:2004. Mantum has Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status in the EU. AEO is an EU-wide certification programme to increase global security and to streamline and harmonize customs management in the EU.

Economical driving

Simple methods can reduce climate impact and fuel costs. Heavy vehicles, heavy machinery or many vehicles also mean heavy fuel costs. For transport companies and other vehicle owners, fuel is a major expense. Reducing fuel consumption by 10% is a realistic goal if drivers are trained in economical driving and consumption is monitored.

But there are several strong reasons to drive sparingly:

  • lower tire costs and less wear and tear on vehicles
  • a better working environment due to reduced stress for drivers
  • emissions of carbon dioxide and of substances affecting health and the environment.

Training in economical driving and systematic monitoring can be a way to strengthen the competitiveness and improve the economy of large hauliers and other employers. A savings coach service can help your haulage company to achieve lasting results from economical driving training and methodical follow-up. As of 2008, economical driving has been included in all driving license training qualifications.


Mantum Holding AB including the subsidiaries Mantum Entreprenad AB, Mantum Logistics AB, Mantum Special AB, Knowledge Ground Construction AB and Hyltebruks Transport AB are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.