Mantum has its origin in one of Sweden’s former haulage contractors. Most haulage contractors were established by order of Parliament, with the prerequisite to meet the country’s transportation needs during the Second World War. The basis for the business which is today known as Mantum, was created in Varberg during the early 1940’s. The initiative for the start-up was taken by a group of lorry owners and businessmen who, rather than allowing larger operators to play them against one another as individual entrepreneurs, decided that mutual co-operation would enable them to obtain better remuneration for their services.

The result of this mutual co-operation under the pressure of prevailing wartime conditions, was the co-operative society known as “Lastbilscentralen i Varberg” (the Varberg Haulage Contractors’ Co-operative). For a period, this co-operative was divided into two separate units. In 1962 part of the co-operative broke away to form “Varbergslast AB”. What remained was “Lastbilscentralen Lassabacka” (Lassabacka Haulage Contractors’ Co-operative). In 1980 the two separate units found their way back together again and at the same time the haulage co-operative was reinforced by the addition of ten machinery owners from “Gräv och Traktorcentralen i Göteborg” (the Göteborg Excavator and Tractor Co-operative). Together they saw the possibility of being able, at a local level, to widen their respective fields of activity within one and the same centralised association.

And so the development has continued. About ten years ago, the economic association changed its name to “LBC Varberg”. In 2009 the association became a limited company. Originally, more than 400 haulage contractors were set up in Sweden, but today less than 100 still remain. A handful of the original joint-owning haulage companies within LBC Varberg have been around since the start-up and are now run by the second or third generation of owners.

On May 14th, 2011 the company changed its name into Mantum.

We are well prepared for the future, a future that looks very exciting!